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Hello! I’m April Natale, and I grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  I’m a nurse, a mother of two and a Psychic Medium. So, this is how it all began for me….

Ever since I was a young child, I knew that I was different and let’s say “extra sensitive” to my surroundings.  I came from a Catholic upbringing which helped open me up to the world of Angels.  I recall seeing spirit as a child and not being sure how to navigate those emotions.  I held them all in and, as a result, I developed anxiety. As I got older, the messages and signs became clearer and more vivid.  I heard and felt significant, and sometimes life-altering premonitions that I knew I could not ignore. When I was in the Sixth grade, my friend and I were with her Dad and I had a sick feeling in my stomach when we said good-bye to him that I wasn’t going to see him again. 

He died that night in a car accident. This happened to me more than once. I was always getting signs and having premonition dreams, but it wasn’t until my Step-Dad, was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer that I fully recognized that this was real.  I had dreamt of his passing before it happened and kept telling my Mom that something was wrong with him.  He passed in January of 2018 and within a few days, he came to me in a vivid dream to let me know that he was happy and healthy once again.  He shared much more with me during that dream, private moments between he and my Mom, information regarding an upcoming issue with my sister’s health, as well as my sister’s next baby to be born, which were all validated shortly thereafter.  I knew now, that it was time to finally accept and realize my gifts; I was an empath and a psychic, medium.


   Unaware of how to use my gifts, the debilitating anxiety grew stronger and I sought out therapy to try and understand what was happening.  It wasn’t until I had a session with Pat Longo, an Internationally known author, healer and spiritual teacher, that I began to understand more about how to expand and use my gifts. She was responsible for mentoring the very well known Long Island Medium, as well as many others.  My first appointment with Pat was a life changing moment for me and I was so relieved to hear her say “You’re not sick, nor are you crazy, you have a God given gift of intuition.” It was something I had always known, but to hear it from someone else that is reputable was even more relieving. It turns out that all of the anxiety that I was experiencing was related to spirit’s energy that I was picking up. 


  So with a little help from Pat, I started channeling and relaying healing messages from the Other Side to people’s loved ones here in the physical world!  I began working with people all across the country, New Jersey, California,Texas, Minnesota, to name a few. The readings were accurate and validated for me.  The information I received and delivered from Spirit was filled with healing messages from their loved ones. So if you or any of your loved ones are suffering from unexplained anxiety, seeing, hearing, or feeling things you can’t explain like me, I suggest that you grab Pat Longo’s book “The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety” and read up on how to eliminate your anxiety by understanding your unknown gifts. In the meantime, I will do my very best to guide you with the knowledge I have attained during my spiritual journey.


What this world needs is a little bit more spirituality! 

XO April Natale

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