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April did a reading with me regarding my Grandfather. My primary questions had to do with the way certain situations were handled before, during and after his passing and how he felt about them. April helped me find closure on these questions and helped me let go of some of the resentment I felt for my father due to him putting my grandfather in a nursing home. April assured me that my grandfather knew he was loved and left signs around me. April also told me that my grandfather kept showing her chocolate gold coins and told me to be on the lookout for them. My grandfather frequently gave out chocolate coins and other candies (He had a huge sweet tooth) but even more crazy I later found out, my grandfather had left me a bunch of gold coins in a safe deposit box in an envelope with my name on it which no one was aware of. Apparently, these coins were purchased at my birth and I was the only grandchild to receive them. Overall, April's reading was insightful, accurate and helpful in finding closure to a situation I had felt unsettled about for several years. 

Stacia Clark. Naperville, IL


You are gifted, lady! The over- the -phone reading you gave me just now was on point in almost  every way. Living in NC, we aren’t lucky enough to have many mediums . After sending a picture of my son, right away you knew he suffered from bi polar. You acknowledged he had a good childhood and over time , suffered chemically through mental illness. I’d been told before “ he was free now” and you again validated that. He took his life and you explained it wasn’t an intentional thing- that he wasn’t in his right mental state! You nailed that! Keep working with Pat Longo because you are clearly gifted!!!!

Carolyn Kanoy. North Carolina


I have never had a reading done before so this was an amazing new experience for me. Many of the things that came through were just random little things that no one would ever know which just made it even more cool. Some of the things that April said about my grandma, I had no clue about. I ended up asking my mom and she validated everything that came through. April was asking about a white cat I didn't remember this at the time but my sister had just gotten a white cat. She also listed dates that no one would know like birthdays and when my grandma passed away. Overall the whole reading was just so interesting. 10/10 would recommend and all I can say about getting a reading done is don't hate it till you try it. Thank you so much for the awesome reading.

Katie W. Franklin Park, IL


It was a straight to the point reading, right away my family came through with great details, private details.. it was amazing, and I feel so much better hearing what they had to say. Just knowing that they were all with me was awesome. What got me was the detailed info she gave me. I was so amazed and grateful to receive validation. Thank you so much April for your time and energy, truly a blessing!!! Keep doing what you’re doing.  Can’t wait to book another reading when your website is available. 

Priscilla Leslie. Texas



I am a little blown away by how I met April and ended up getting a reading.  My Dad, who has passed, has been on my mind a lot as the anniversary of his passing was coming up.   Meanwhile, April came into my work hoping for donations to help pay for kid activities for their block party.  Growing up we had a block party for over 20 years that my Dad also helped organize. I thought this was funny when she introduced herself, I thought...."Okay Dad, I will help her, and donate. Lol. I know he sent her and arranged that meeting.

April told me of her abilities and of course, I had to send her a picture of my Dad.  April was able to confirm so many things that without a doubt he was there with us, and visiting.  April was able to put some things into perspective for me that has really helped me to understand some of the "guilt" feelings  we are left with when a loved one passes. I will be forever grateful for my reading, and for meeting you, April. Thank you!

Kris Santoyo. Chicago, IL


April DiGioia was very accurate in her Spirit reading, giving amazing dates and events to me. She is very loving and caring in the way she delivers her messages. Her energy is so amazing. I highly recommend her readings. She is a very talented Medium to work with.

Ana Leyva. New Mexico



Thank you April for the reading today. Your voice is so calming and your explanations of how they come through was very helpful. It was so nice to hear from my cousin and knowing my mother helped bring him through was even more special. Your gift is to help people connect with their loved ones and you do use it wisely.

Pam. Chicago, IL


Hi April thanks so much for the reading last night, you definitely hit a lot right on. The whole Tom petty thing gave me goosebumps. He was loud and loved to sing. Funny that my dad showed a motorcycle as he is the only one close to me that ever had one and took me for rides around the block as a little girl. I knew he would be happy I named my son after him. As for grumpy old gramps it was amazing I told my husband about him sitting in the passenger's seat... he said “I New it” and he laughed when I told him about the wild life “you hit that one it’s 20 points”. I thank you so much for your reading you very easy to talk to “your real “ talk just like I do and it makes it very comfortable so thanks so much.

Keigan Aldrich. Lloyminster, Saskatchewan, Canada


I had a reading with April on 4/19/19, of which, was amazing! She requested a picture of someone who I would like to hear from, so I sent a picture of a dear friend of mine who passed away nearly six years ago. Not only did April write down things prior to our call that were specific (and deeply resonated with me) but she truly gave me such a beautiful message from Kindall. Kindall was more like a sister than a friend, and April made sure that was relayed to me. There were extreme specifics of random pocket change always popping up around me, butterflies visiting me the moment I step outside, the number 13 (my favorite number and 2013 was the year she passed), me as a teacher when she passed, my two boys, my daughter, the list goes on and on, but above all of these beautiful confirmations April shared with me, she told me something I needed to hear more than anything - Kindall felt the most alive when she was with me; the irony in that is I too, felt most alive in Kindall's presence. The grieving process of her has been a long and an almost numb & delayed one, but I feel a sense of closure from the things April told me and for that, I cannot thank her enough. She's a true blessing to us all! Love, Jen.

Jen Morton Dallas,Texas


I’m still in awe of your gift. Right from the beginning you were able to validate that my dad came through. That he was there with me seeing exactly what I was doing. Looking at the picture of him with the beard and glasses. Then of him on the boat. He mentioned to slow down on the smoking which he use was totally against it when he was alive. I was smoking while you were reading me which would make perfect sense that he was there. He validated that he was there in the moments in my car with my daughter. A little moment and my quick reaction to spilled cheetos on the floor. When you brought up cheetos my mind instantly when to that moment a couple days ago and how I regretted responding in that way. That guidance and reminder to relax. Details of his passing were exact. You said accident. True. My relationship and the type of person I’m with. Reflects my dad and his opinions of that. His feelings about it makes so much sense.  The path that I am on and feeling lost. We talked about anger that I have which you brought up his wife and all the details surrounding that. The case after his death. The money etc. My moms feeling of being sorry. Everything in your reading was exactly on point. You’re incredible and so validating that they are with me on this journey. 

Kayla H. Canada | 3.3.19


April did a reading with me over the phone shorty after I had just gotten married. I lost both of my parents over the last five years so it was obviously tough to not have them there on my wedding day. Speaking with April just reassured me that they were with me on that day. She was able to provide details about an item exchanged between only my sisters and I in honor of my mother on that day. I have been struggling with the loss of my mother over the last five years, April was able to relay a message from my mother that stopped me in my tracks and instantly brought such a feeling of overwhelming comfort and relief. Needless to say I became quite emotional during our conversation, April was nothing less than supportive and compassionate. This has been something that I have been waiting and needing to hear since my mother passed away. I have been to several other mediums in hopes that I would remotely hear something even along the lines of what April told me when we spoke. It was truly amazing to be able to speak with April and I am so grateful that she was able to share her gift with me.

Gina M. Naperville, IL


I received a great reading from April, she was very accurate in her details and in addition she was able to contact my Dad and even my dog!  My session with her brought me a sense of peace and joy. She has a way of communicating messages that is to the point yet compassionate, I would definitely recommend April, she is the real deal.

Liliana Salazar. Los Angeles, California

Your reading brought me to tears! A few things made so much sense to me  and for the most part I could tell my family was there. It was hard to hear but good at the same time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to provide an insightful me. It meant a lot!

Sarah W. Elk River, Minnesota



Hi April, Thank you for bringing through my mother and grandmother during our reading last night.  You did a great job with details! There indeed is an R connection which is my sister’s first name.  The number 26 was actually the months of February and June, both very significant. My mother passed in February my grandmother in June.  You received what you thought to be a name that began with Mar…. I could not take it for a name, but then you connected it with 3 children.  My grandmother’s birthday is in March and she had 3 children, so I believe that’s what the Mar was about. You saw the word “cottage”. I could not take that but I can take “college” which is similar.  My mother and sister used to live in a town called College Park. I could also understand the tropical flower connected w/my mother. It’s called a dahlia and her favorite were the white star ones. I inserted a photo of one for you.


Thanks again for the great reading and the info!  Love, Carolyn

Carolyn B. Maryland


I'm skeptical to begin with, mostly because I want to believe so bad that my mom is still here in some way.  April, who did not know anything about me, made me a true believer. She started describing my mom to a T. April had "asked" my mom to help her validate that it was really her.  It really hit home when my mom sent through a message with a nickname she called me when I was a little girl. There was nothing about this on social media and I doubt anyone even knows about it.  So many things made sense and secretly I hope my mom keeps "knocking" on April’s door with messages for me. April has a true gift and I am so very grateful to her.  

Robyn M. Bourbannais, IL

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